bible verse mural

role: art direction, lettering, illustration, mural
Client: hannah teoh

Hannah's newly renovated apartment had a blank wall, which was initially supposed to house a astronaut wall vinyl as part of the interior design. Unfortunately, it made the surface of the wall pretty sticky and the vinyl did not hold up well. Needless to say, I was super pumped when she reached out to me for a kick-ass hand painted mural. Hannah wanted her home to be a place for God, and requested for the Bible verse "The Lord is my light and salvation" as the centre piece.

Illustrative handlettering custom mural interior design for Hannah's house bible verse.jpg

We first started out with a mood board for me to pinpoint the kind of aesthetic that tickles her fancy. Other than having a design that is striking and visually impactful like the statement, having an illustration of a lamp to complement the verse was also a key factor in the art direction. She liked how a mix of lettering style adds an additional element of visual interest, so here you can see a use of brush script, sans serif and serif typographic styles. A key consideration was to have the styles complement each other to form a dynamic piece, without having any one given style overwhelmingly compete the other. For an impactful design, I also made sure to rid any negative spaces that were unnecessary so as to enhance the visual weight of the piece.


first draft rough sketch:

rough mural design sketch.PNG

Refined Sketch:

Refined mural design.PNG




Approved Mural Design

Final approved handlettered mural design.PNG

Final Mural

Final mural design.jpg

Overall, the design process (on boarding, consultation, final approval) took around 1 week and the mural took a total of 2 days to be painted. Hannah was a joy to work with and we had delightful conversations. I'm grateful for the opportunity and to have worked with her!

A process video can be viewed on my Instagram here.


Client Testimonial

"Leah is able to do custom hand lettering projects ranging from small cards to large scale wall murals. She's very consultative and we had a smooth process of working together."