“Perfection is the disguise of insecurity” - Gary Vaynerchuk | Custom Script Lettering

Personal Work

I’m deeply inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk for many, many years now and I’ve always looked up to his positivity and work ethic. Amongst many of his motivational content, this line “Perfection is the disguise of insecurity” hit home for me. I drew it immediately, styled and shot it - and shortly after, made mockups of how it would look like on iPhone covers.

Digital Artwork & Styled Shoot


I made a hasty decision and sent an email in Gary Vee’s way, saying how I’d like to thank him for his invaluable content and impact he had on many individuals like myself, and if he would like to use this design, he could. As expected, I didn’t hear from him. But I’d like to think he might have read it and know what a legend he is!


iPhone Mock Ups

iPhone Gold XR.png