A Summer af'Fair (2017) by Platinum



Together with 6 other calligraphers at a beautiful outdoor space, The Summerhouse, at Seletar Aerospace Park, we personalised 800-900 wood slices at A Summer af'Fair by Platinum on 14th October 2017. Other written pieces include jar labels (using chalk markers), cheese table labels and welcome poster signage.


Centurion Gala 2017



Together with 5 other calligraphers at JW Marriott Hotel, we personalised 200 goodies paper bags and 420 signed 12” vinyl records at Centurion Gala 2017: A Centurion Soirée, where Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) guest-performed.


Google's ThinkVideo Event



For Google's ThinkVideo Event on 7th March 2017, I was invited to personalize YouTube tote bags for more than 250 clients including Uber, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Triumph and Unilever.


Venuerific's 4th Year Anniversary Party



Venuerific is an online marketplace for people to list, discover, and book hip, beautiful or unconventional event spaces in South East Asia. It is the largest event market place in Asia with over 1,000 choices in over 5 countries - Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Philippines.

For its 4th Year Appreciation Party on 20th January 2017, one of its largest party yet, I was invited by Venuerific to personalize posters for more than 300 clients ranging from marketing/advertising managers and directors of Facebook, Microsoft, Dentsu, Chanel, and so forth. Additionally, I was engaged to design signages for each themed house from concept through completion.  

Thank you to Venuerific for thinking of me for this project! I am happy to bring a different dynamism to the party.

Photo Credits: Venuerific


client testimonial

Thank you so much for being a part of the 4th Year Anniversary Party by Venuerific and making our event a terrific one. This could not have been possible without your tremendous support... people would even wait in line to get a hold of your terrific calligraphy designs! All the clients were full of praises for LeahDesign and the quality service that was provided by you. We truly value your collaboration and want to express our heartfelt gratitude.
— Cynthia Kim | Regional Marketing Executive
LeahDesign’s online portfolio on Facebook was very impressive, so there was no bit of hesitation when I approached her. She quickly responded to my text within a day. The whole process of working with her was such an ease as she quickly caught what was expected. On the day of the event, the clients enjoyed seeing her curate designs for them to take home. Her designs are great just as herself. She is a spontaneous individual who is willing to walk the extra mile to make your events successful. Way to go Leah!
— Reshmi | Sales & Marketing Executive