Jennifer & Stephane

Wedding Invite Design

When Jennifer approached me to design a customised wedding invite for her and her fiancé, I was thrilled. Stephane is French but grew up in Asia while Jennifer is Chinese and they wanted a design that reflects the Chinese tradition well.

In this piece, I took inspiration from traditional Chinese paintings and explored the incorporation of a portrait as the centre piece. Going for a modern, minimal and clean look, while retaining traditional Chinese elements, the portrait was done with textured brush strokes to capture the beautiful and raw emotions of the bride and groom. I kept the strokes light and numerically, as little as possible to provide sufficient resemblance of the two yet allow room for imagination for the receiver. Stephane can also be identified with a slight butt chin and tousled hair to accentuate his French origin. Additionally, to bring out the unity between the two, they can be seen embracing each other in bliss.

With the portrait and names in calligraphy being more abstract and fluid, I pulled the piece back together with centred guiding lines in red and a complementary sans serif font. Of course, not forgetting the classic red ink stamp with the word "囍" to further accentuate the Chinese tradition and a strategic placement of the word "光臨" to balance out the composition.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Invite Design.jpg

Menu Design

Jennifer and Stephane loved the invite design and thereafter, engaged me again for the menu design with a similar approach. Thank you to the couple for providing me the images from their wedding photographer taken on the wedding day! 

Wedding Invite and Menu Design.jpg
Traditional Chinese Menu Design.jpg
Wedding Invite and Menu Design.jpg

Client Testimonial

Leah is engaging, earnest, enthusiastic and honest. She is someone who pays great attention to details and we appreciate her listening to our ideas, understanding our thought process and perspectives and giving us her suggestions. She is also prompt in replies and delivers well within the defined timeframe.
— Jennifer & Stephane