Custom Lettering Commission

Role: Art Direction, Lettering, Illustration
Client: Gwen Rianne Lee

Gwen wanted 2 A3 poster prints as a gift for her wife's birthday this year, and had two quotes in mind:

1. And I'd choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and I'd choose you. 

2. Even if separated by billions of light-years of space, two entangled particles remain connected such that the quantum state of one cannot be described independently of the other.

These two quotes run in parallels and are intended to complement each other, with the first quote describing her wife and the second, describing Gwen herself. Gwen sees her wife as a creative, arts-driven and emotional, and is someone who sees beauty in the illogical and unexplained. As for Gwen, she described herself as a rational and science-driven person, and someone who, on the contrary, sees beauty in the logical.

For the first quote, we went with a script style with a modern take. I found it to be very fitting - elegant, fluid and expressive. (Think: hopeless romantic meets modern)


For the second quote about quantum entanglement, the essence of the quote pointed me towards (light) waves, movement and granularity. Gwen liked the idea of marrying Art Deco and Tech, hence the type treatment. Having an Art Deco treatment minimised a play on ligatures, but I really wanted to optimise any opportunity to include ligatures to convey the idea of inseparability / wholeness as captured in the quote. So you can bet it made me super happy when I saw a chance to via the double n-n connection in the word "connected". 

To further encapsulate the idea that these two posters come in a matching set, one for Gwen, one for Gwen's wife, the posters come in black on white, white on black - a colour inversion / two-parts-make-one-whole concept, which I thought was super genius. Props to Gwen for this colour inversion idea! 

Art Deco Poster.jpg


It’s been really great to work with you. The prints came out exactly as I hoped they would and I think you really did a great job with both even though they were in completely different styles. You were very open to trying things out which I appreciated tremendously. Thank you Leah!
— Gwen Rianne Lee