Rebrand for Glenn Lee Learning Centre 

Role: Branding, Logo Design, Lettering
Client: Glenn Lee Learning Centre

Glenn Lee Learning Centre is a tuition centre that is led by the founder, Glenn Lee, and he wanted a mark that will allow the centre to stand out in the industry amongst the other players.

He is one who cares about his students’ work progress and having read his stellar reviews (some said he teaches em til 3am in the morning!), it informs a mark that reflects his high quality service, care and teaching.

Aside from his teaching practice, Glenn is inspired by high end fashion and jewellery brands, and wants his branding to look strong and premium. So you can see how that translate to the heavily script based logo mark and serif treatment on the type!





Glenn Lee learning centre logo design Business-Card.jpg
Glenn Lee Learning Centre Singapore Logo Design Branding Rebrand Document-+-Envelope.jpg
Glenn Lee Learning Centre Logo Branding Rubber-Stamp.jpg

Other Concepts Explored


Drawing Board

Process logo sketches.jpg

Client Testimonial

I am very pleased with the rebrand that Leah did for my company. The learning centre’s logo definitely looks more professional and elegant now. I’m definitely proud to showcase my company logo to everyone. If you are looking for something unique and special that will stand out from the crowd, Leah’s the person!
— Glenn Lee | Founder, Glenn Lee Learning Centre