BRAVE by Frank OCBC x Mox by Invade

(Credit Card Design Competition Entry)

Design Title: Love Life


I created this design that firmly represents what I stand for - being in the present and loving life. I hope it can serve as a daily reminder for others to know that there is no time like the present to live their best life, and that the one thing that is worse than fear, is regret. We are bound to have unpredicted ups and downs, but regardless of the good, ugly or bad times, there lies growth and celebration. 

To represent life's complexity, I intertwined the hand-lettered serif treatment of "love" and calligraphy of "life" and added ligatures and multi-directional flourishes to "life" to visually portray the series of turns life could take. Yet, in entirety, despite the complex interweaving and flourishing, it stands as harmonious, beautiful and golden, just like how life should be.

credit card design leah design.jpg
LeahChong Credit Card Design FRANK OCBC MOX BRAVE.png