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With Leah Design


Have you ever tried lettering a card for someone you love but gave up halfway because it was too “tough”? Or maybe you have already tried learning from online resources and videos but your gut is screaming at you that something is off in your work, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?

I know. And I totally feel you. I have been there before!

But have no worries – I am here to help.


accelerate your learning

Truth is, you can easily google for answers with a snap of your fingers. But it's a noisy abundance of information. You can get various answers altogether and sometimes if you’re unlucky, contradicting ones. Now, you’re right back where you started and have wasted much of your valuable time.

This is why I recommend my course to you.

I have curated together a well thought-out and cohesive education, and strategically crafted it to guide you step-by-step along the way. You will save time, gain valuable insights and be able to apply what you had learnt from pen to paper. You can't practice what you don't know. Stop second-guessing and know exactly what and how to practice!


Today, I want to impart everything I know to you.

I had helped numerous people ranging from artists to business owners to curious creatives, learn and grow their lettering journey.

And now, I am excited in helping you succeed in yours. 


"After months of trying to self-learn from PDFs and YouTube vids, I finally understood the basics of brush lettering and started to improve with only ONE class with Leah. Leah is patient, approachable and cheerful. She breaks the fundamentals down into FUN and clear exercises. She's got great notes too! As a teacher myself, I feel that the BEST thing about her is that she is honest and generous with her information and instruction. Others may withhold tips and ideas either to entice you to take more classes with them, or they may do so to suppress competition. But Leah has the heart of a true educator. I highly recommend her."



what you can expect to learn

Theoretical Knowledge, Practical Application, Style Exploration & Techniques

With the onset of the digital age today, humans have a new-found craving for authenticity in things that they watch, read, hear and touch. This is why we see that handcrafted work is having such a huge resurgence today, given that it is done by a pair of hands and not via an automated mass production chain. Handlettering and calligraphy, no less, are riding on this trend and are often used as a vehicle for visual communication, with an added element of human touch and perfect imperfections. 

In this course, students will be equipped with a solid theoretical understanding on the anatomy of type and by the end of the course, be able to creatively express themselves with the work they create and have a new found appreciation for a creative art form that is greatly grounded in history.


1st Session (3.5 Hours):

> Introduction to Calligraphy, Lettering, Typography
> Areas of Lettering and Calligraphy Applications
> Relevant tools and materials
> Theory on anatomy of type

> Body Posture
> How to hold your brushpen
> Utilizing different body movements
> Paper and pen placement

> Principle skills of brushlettering
> Basic strokes and demonstration of common mistakes
> Drills
> Ratio study
> Lowercase letterforms rundown in family groups

2nd Session (3.5 Hours):

> Perfecting a letter, to two letters to form words and sentences
> Ratio practice
> Good practice words + common words for cards
> Practising on alternate paths

> Letter variations
> Approach and detailed breakdown of Modern Calligraphy

> Faux Calligraphy how-to
> Developing your own unique style

> Transfer your artistic vision from pen to paper and create your own masterpiece

> Digitization demonstration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator with notes


learn to develop a style unique to you and you only


equip yourself with an in-depth understanding on calligraphy 


& be more confident and excited in the work you Produce


"Had a lot of fun learning brush lettering with Leah. While being both systematic and organised, she also encourages us to play, explore and try out alternative lettering methods so that we can find a style that we're comfortable with." 



course highlights 

We dig deep to the nitty gritty and shed light on the little details that often go unnoticed by others but as a matter of fact, are equally or more important as these little details could easily make or break your work.

  • Have a solid theoretical understanding on all the whys and the hows

  • Have me demonstrate each point the wrong AND right way with detailed explanations so that you can understand the common mistakes

  • Learn to engage in deliberate practice and purposeful observation

  • Make friends in a cozy setting with our small group size of no more than 6 participants

  • One-to-one attention and guidance where I will troubleshoot your mistakes and provide you with clarity on the spot

  • Outside of class, you'll be able to spot and troubleshoot your own mistakes and create your own work


materials you'll receive

  • Notes

  • Structured exercise sheets

  • Practice sheets

  • Guide sheets

  • Brush pens

Assignments will be given each week and I will review and provide personal feedback on your work in the following week. Even though these assignments are optional, frequent practice outside of class is highly recommended.


Are you ready to kickstart your journey in the art of writing? I hope that you’ll join me in this value-packed course.

Hit enroll and I can't wait to see you in class! 



What if I am left-handed?

No worries, I have taught several left-handed students before. You'll be in good hands!

What if I want to learn pointed pen calligraphy and not brushlettering? 

This is a very valid question but to me, this is just a matter of the tools used. You can achieve formal script and freestyle writing with either of the two (dip pen or brush pen/water brush/paint brush) even though pointed pen calligraphy is more associated with formal script and brushlettering is more associated with freestyle writing.

I have no objections to learning pointed pen calligraphy before brushlettering, as that was how I started out as well. Given my experience, it will be easier to transition from brushlettering to pointed pen calligraphy as the latter requires juggling two things at a time - learning the tools and learning the writing itself. You'll experience a steeper learning curve that way.

What kind of styles will be covered?

Pablo Picasso once said, "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist". In my course, I will cover content following rules and guidelines first much akin to formal script before teaching you how to break them to uncover a unique style of your own and freestyle it.

What if I am unable to attend class after purchasing?

Unfortunately, class is non-refundable after purchase. However, I understand that everyone's busy and schedules change. You can opt to join other classes, depending on availability of classes and slots. However, I seek your understanding in informing me via email or text at least 1 week in advance so that I can better prepare the materials for class.

What if I have more questions?

Ask away! I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have - just shoot me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP. I'd never want you to waste your time or money on a course that's not going to truly benefit you, so if you're sitting on the fence or unsure if it'll meet your learning needs, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Friends of Funan

Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount off the workshop fee as Friends of Funan. Quote “FUNANSGXLEAH”. *Only applicable for classes at Funan Showsuite.


student testimonials

I’m so glad I made the decision to sign up for this class. I’ve been reading online and trying to figure out calligraphy on my own, the result? Calligraphy that looks ok (by amateur standards) but not quite there. And for the longest time, I couldn’t improve and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. This workshop really went into the basics of traditional calligraphy which I think was really crucial. The boring and nitty-gritty rules and stuff that I loathed and avoided was made plain and simple. And, it really helped me to improve my skill. Learning the basics also allows me to identify my mistakes when I practice drills. Leah was there to watch and point out the mistakes that I made which I think adds to my dramatic improvement! I can’t believe how much better I got after just 1 workshop with her. She takes the effort to know what ways we would like to apply the skill we learnt and spent a bit more time on digitalising which was what I was interested in. Leah is a very sincere and encouraging teacher, I highly recommend signing up for her class if you haven’t (if you can’t already tell by the 5 stars). I am patiently waiting for more courses by her!
— Charity Wong
Having tried watching Youtube videos, buying brush pens and failing miserably at learning it myself, the experience with learning from Leah is super awesome! She is really patient in guiding and helping me improve on the basics and my strokes, and she is also really encouraging in the learning process which really made the experience very enjoyable. She also puts in the effort to make her own notes and exercises so that it’s in line with what she wants to teach, rather than using standard ones already out there. It shows the amount of dedication she has to have her students improve. (: Super awesome! Hugely recommended.
— Cheryl Liew
The brush lettering workshop conducted by Leah was an extremely value-for-money and useful one. The materials provided including guide sheets and information about brush lettering were very helpful for beginners, the undivided attention given in a small group setting also helped pick out my mistakes which is something you don’t get from self-learning. Learning the basics was really essential for me before venturing into other styles, was glad for Leah’s guidance and help. She’s extremely kind and approachable too.
— Rachel Peh
Leah is sincere, encouraging, helpful. The course was well thought through - the clear, step-by-step lesson has made brush lettering and modern calligraphy achievable! I’m looking forward to having more lessons with Leah!
— Meeling Yeo
This is one class with lots of generous sharing. I had learnt a lot of details in brush pen writing from Leah today! I appreciated her patience in going to each and every individual to help us in our writing. She is very encouraging and open to share her writing journey with us! Thank you Leah!
— Caroline Choong
To excel at a subject, it’s important to have first understood it well. I really love Leah’s way of teaching where she will always provide a comprehensive overview before zooming into the details. The classroom outline is systematic and organized. And Leah makes the technicalities and concepts easy to understand. Definitely, she’s the go-to person for learning brush lettering and the like!
— Kianne Lim
If you are looking to learn brush calligraphy, look no further. Leah will teach you a whole range - from history, terminology, basics. She has made brush calligraphy less daunting, breaking it down and making it easier to digest- from basic strokes to what can go wrong. She is very friendly, encouraging, helpful, very humble and open to feedback. Take her class, it won’t disappoint.
— Shu Ying Ng

View more reviews here.


private classes (Individual / group)

 My youngest student, he's only 6 years old!

My youngest student, he's only 6 years old!

If you're keen in picking up calligraphy/ lettering in a more private and intimate setting with complete one-to-one attention and guidance throughout the entire class or if you're curious in not just the fundamentals but want to pursue other specific areas of calligraphy/ lettering (such as composition, flourishing etc.), I am happy to provide private classes to meet your specific learning needs. Or if you want to take a private class exclusively for just your group of friends (maybe say for a hen's party or birthday party?), hit me up and we will make it happen!

Specifically, I've taught several private group classes for young kids aged 6-12 as well. Usually, they're kids in the same peer group at school and I'd suggest a private group class if possible for them to be in a comfortable setting of similar age group and same pace of learning and style.


event / corporate classes 

Select workshop tie-ups:

national Library Board's pressPlay sG Festival, SPH Rewards' Colour Me Palette event, *SCAPE Meet Your Makers 3, SMU Women's Connection, Naiise Pte Ltd, The Arts Market x FYCS, Club Rainbow, Overjoyed Pte Ltd, Thomson Plaza, Nanatang: Bake House and Studio, Hwa Chong Institution

Brush Calligraphy Workshop Singapore Corporate Event.JPG

If you're a company or event organizer looking for a workshop to enrich your employees with an added creative skill set or for them to simply unwind over beautiful hand-made letters and light-hearted conversations, I'd love to come by to make that happen for you and your team - from shorter duration activity-based workshops to longer duration skill-based workshops, to your convenience. I'd love to work with you in supporting the holistic development of your valued people.

Colour Me Palette Brushlettering Workshop Event.jpg
Brushlettering Colour Me Palette.JPG

“Leah is creative and obliging. She is focused on delivering the best experience/work for everyone. “ - CHEW TYNG YONG | DIRECTOR, APHELION, HWA CHONG INSTITUTION (HCI)

"In the beginning when I came across Leah's website, I was hesitant because nobody I knew had taken a lesson with her before and all I had to go by was the website. However, when I contacted her, Leah's warm yet professional manner of communication and her willingness to create the best experience for the students convinced me. She promised and she delivered. She was very engaging. The workshop was a good learning experience according to the students when we took feedback from them. It was convenient as all the materials were provided by the instructor. She made sure the pace was suitable to the whole class and went around to check their work, point out errors and suggest areas of improvement. Apart from her technical skills, Leah shared her passion for her art and also her journey of self-discovery. The workshop was value for money and Leah is someone you will love collaborating with and learning from."