Calligraphy & Digital Hand Lettering Workshops

Client: Club Rainbow
Role: Teaching
Event: Dreamseeds Arts Festival 2018 and 2019

Creating art has always made me feel good and happy - and to be able to share the craft with these special needs children, hoping that art can serve them the same, makes everything even more meaningful and worthwhile. Huge thanks to Club Rainbow for partnering with me for 2018's Dreamseeds Arts Fest!

I’m honoured to be able to teach the children once again in 2019 on a totally different genre - this time through a series of digital Hand Lettering workshops using the iPad and drawing app, Procreate.

Below, you can find some pictures from the series of brush calligraphy workshops in 2018 and digital hand lettering workshops in 2019 with the beneficiaries + caregivers!